Episode 58 – Joining the Cult, Letters

We spend a lot of time this week talking about talking – or rather, talking about speaking in public – since WorldCon is just around the corner and the Wombat Test Subject (author Ursula Vernon) has to prep not one, but two speeches she probably won’t have to give. We follow that up with Kevin’s initial foray into Bullet Journalling, and wrap it all up with your letters and comments!

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  1. I do a very simplified Bullet Journal for work – Have a notebook with two page marker strings – first 4 pages are info I want with me at meetings usually copied from prior book. (What systems are called what, major file names…)
    Then the White bookmark goes into the next two page spread with to do things put square in margin, fill in when done – bold if do next, when down to 2-3 things open boxes and rest done I find the next two page spread – move the white bookmark put ‘To-Do’ and date on top and copy over the things not compted from last list. The brown marker is notes from meetings – always at the next open page. Date and which meeting in margin – so the to-do and meeting notes sort of end up leep frogging each other.

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