Episode 58 – Joining the Cult, Letters

We spend a lot of time this week talking about talking – or rather, talking about speaking in public – since WorldCon is just around the corner and the Wombat Test Subject (author Ursula Vernon) has to prep not one, but two speeches she probably won’t have to give. We follow that up with Kevin’s initial foray into Bullet Journalling, and wrap it all up with your letters and comments!

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4 Replies to “Episode 58 – Joining the Cult, Letters”

  1. Star Picucci

    I do a very simplified Bullet Journal for work – Have a notebook with two page marker strings – first 4 pages are info I want with me at meetings usually copied from prior book. (What systems are called what, major file names…)
    Then the White bookmark goes into the next two page spread with to do things put square in margin, fill in when done – bold if do next, when down to 2-3 things open boxes and rest done I find the next two page spread – move the white bookmark put ‘To-Do’ and date on top and copy over the things not compted from last list. The brown marker is notes from meetings – always at the next open page. Date and which meeting in margin – so the to-do and meeting notes sort of end up leep frogging each other.

  2. Cori

    Hi Kevin and Ursula,

    As requested, here’s my friend, Claire’s reaction to my interview: “Holy shit! You were interviewed on Productivity Alchemy! I downloaded it and will listen. Go you!”

    I honestly thought she was playing me for awhile because she never even checked the episode list until she listened! She found it hilarious that the first interview back in May before our conference presentation and I’ve been keeping this a secret for almost 3 months!

    Maybe one day I can talk her into doing an interview with you! Take care! ~Cori

  3. Feather

    I am also 100% with Ursula on the “writing by hand is THE WORST I type because typing can more or less keep up with my thoughts.” (Basically typing can keep up with my coherently-phrased thoughts.)

    Also fwiw, I think I tossed my name into the hat (and if not, consider it tossed) and I am really, really open/comfortable/etc with discussing things in context of my neurodivergence(s), mental illnesses and also those I work around in other parts of my life. Mostly because it’s a big enough part of my life that I’d basically have to do the equivalent of keeping myself closeted otherwise and, well. That was bad enough for me when it was my sexuality in high-school, I’ve opted to Avoid doing it with brain-stuff now.

    It’s also a focus area for librarianship stuff that I do/want to do if anyone would just hire me ahem, and informal advocacy/support stuff I’ve done both online and as That Chick Who Won’t Shut Up About Disability in my Masters, so. While I’d never claim to be An Expert (largely because anyone who does is on shaky ground), it’s definitely a context I am very familiar with and comfortable discussing, possibly moreso than anyone wants me to be.

    (I am also ~drakkinabrarian and hopefully not too irritating on Twitter.)

  4. Catherine Mahan

    There was a “Deep Work” panel at ConCarolinas this past June… it went about as well as you’d expect. Especially since the moderator seemed to believe that you could divide writing into “deep work” and “shallow work” with attendant value judgments, and shared the author’s hate-on for social media.

    Excellent Panelists dragged the discussion back towards relevance and usefulness.

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