Episode 57 – Disconnecting (Again), Cori Large

This week we will discuss the pros and cons of “disconnecting” as we are about to head off to a short get-away that will have spotty to no internet access. We also talk about balancing out productive and non-productive days. Finally, we have an interview with friend of the show and long-time listener Cori Large, to find out how she stays organized.

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4 Replies to “Episode 57 – Disconnecting (Again), Cori Large”

  1. Star Picucci

    Mom was ER nurse so hers was ‘is there a code blue’ if not then I can take a breath before whatever it is. Then ‘Is anyone going to die if I do t do this right now’ if no she could take a coffee break. For me whe I worked at a trading firm if we were clearing trades then I could take a break (if not then fined by the minute). Now I’m like ‘no one is dying no millions on the line so whatever’

  2. Debra Baker

    Hi! I’ve been a fan of the show for a while now. It’s been fascinating.

    I use a bullet journal disc bound system consisting of a Martha Stewart Junior cover, Discagenda aluminum discs and third party A5 dot grid I punched (just got the ARC punch. I’m in love.)

    I’m autistic. Using the bullet journal system has enabled me to give structure to my life while being flexible enough that NOT following it doesn’t cause confusion. It also enables me to find a system that fits my needs at the moment and tweak it as those needs changed. Or change it entirely if I got bored. 🙂

    I’ve used this system since January 2016, as opposed to other systems that I’ve given up after weeks.

    I don’t think it’s the One True System, but it enables me to have more control over my life. I think that since the original was designed by a man with ADHD makes it attuned for those of us who are neurodivergent (although, of course, that doesn’t mean it works for all of us.)

    I use pen and markers only, because I don’t have the patience for stickers or washi tape, and my handwriting is abysmal (poor small muscle control is not uncommon for autistic people.)

    Walmart does, in fact, have a discbound system. It’s called the All Glam Planner, and it seems to be a more basic version of the Happy Planner – same sizes, same discs (complete with hearts), but fewer choices for layout and accessories.

    I would love to see more interviews with neurodiverse people and how they manage their lives in a sometimes very confusing world.

  3. Kir Talmage

    I am not even trying for InboxZero. Love the concept. Know that if I “file” work-related things (instead of labeling and leaving it in Inbox until sorted) I will not go find it to do it later.

    I am making an effort to delete fluff often, however, so only the cool stuff/interesting work remains. And prefiling newsletters, and every couple of months deleting them all.

    ….there’s a LOT of interesting stuff though….
    …and then there’s the parent that likes to send me political stuff … 🙂 (it’s not bad, I jut don’t have her time!…I sleep sometimes! 🙂 )

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