Episode 54 – Packing, Jennifer Askey

We are at AnthroCon this weekend, and we are looking forward to meeting everyone of our listeners who is able to come. In the mean time, we have a really good interview with Dr. Jennifer Askey, an Academic and Career Coach.

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3 Replies to “Episode 54 – Packing, Jennifer Askey”

  1. Feather

    In regards to Jennifer’s move: speaking as someone who grew up North of Edmonton (I grew up in the Peace Country region of BC, which is close to the Alberta border), honestly in terms of your actual everyday life the winter temperature in the Prairies is not going to be that meaningfully different from winter in Hamilton. You’ll have a few more days where you look at the strict numbers and go “holy crap!” and it’s more important that you actually have, for example, an emergency kit in your cars?

    But functionally winter anywhere other than here on the Wet Coast in Canada with significant urban environment is the same: you mostly just don’t spend a lot of time outside in the winter and when you do you have All Your Winter Clothes On.

    • Feather

      Also I have no idea why everyone appears to think torties have attitude; my tortie is a big clingy baby, the majority of other torties I know are totally ordinary cats, and while I have met bad-tempered torties, since I have also met batshit cats of every coat pattern. It’s really no more predictive than someone having red hair = HORRIBLE TEMPER.

      Confirmation bias is remarkable.

  2. Star Picucci

    Pierre Belvedere Make awesome paper journals, use that for my work bullet journal, makes work suck a bit less

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