Episode 50 – One Year Later, Kevin Sonney

So here it is, Episode 50. This week, we will discuss some of the challenges of no longer being tied to an office schedule, our Wombat Test Subject (Ursula Vernon) discusses the realization that she likely has ADD,  and we’ll put Kevin in the hot-seat to answer the seven questions (which he has never done).

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5 Replies to “Episode 50 – One Year Later, Kevin Sonney”

  1. Alison Johnson

    *sits back to glory in a full set of episode badges*

    …wait. What happened to Episode 49? There’s a badge for it, but no episode.

    Thank you both so much for a year (or, since I started listening in January, five months) of productivity! ?

  2. Feather

    ….>.> For what it’s worth, from someone from a family absolutely full of ADHD (including the sibling I live with), as well as a lot of friends with ADHD, and is very familiar with the diagnostic criteria of ADHD and . . . basically I know an AWFUL LOT about ADHD for someone who is not actually a formally trained clinician focusing on ADHD! . . . I would also say that Ursula is a pretty sure bet for a diagnosis.

    I have no idea if that is a helpful statement or not. Buuut yeah.

  3. Kir Talmage

    I’m listening to this one at work and I’m going to have to stop because I’m falling over with laughter! **wipe tears** Oh goodness, Ursula talking about Hugo Weaving. Oh dear. O my. Ahem.

    But the museum visitors could be alarmed, so I’ll have to save the rest for later..

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