Episode 49 – Owning Up, Finding Toads, Seanan McGuire

today I had a major miss at work, and have spent the day recovering for it, so we’ll talk a little bit about owning up to our mistakes and then making it right. We’ll also talk to our Wombat Test Subject about her adventures today with special guest Seanan McGuire, who was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about how she stays productive.

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  1. Alyssa

    My mom is the same as Ursula when it comes to prints. “No other human being would notice this” is a sentence I’ve uttered a lot. My mom has a new mac mini in the time since Kevin and Ursula offered such helpful advice about our computer woes. She is however making do with the same printer, which has decided to commit itself to its current color ink cartridge and accept no substitutes; far be it for me to reproach true love, but this has really slowed us down as you can imagine.

    I love Seanan! Mom had to sit through a very excited recap of Seanan’s bio yesterday after I found “Into the Drowning Deep” at the local library. (To understand just how exciting this was I have to explain that the new head librarian threw out every book that wasn’t a 30 year old romance novel when she took over. She also tried to refuse to get “The Fifth Season” for me through inter-library loan because Hugo award winning author N.K. Jemisin was “too obscure”. Seeing “Drowning Deep” by itself on an otherwise empty shelf was like spotting the first healthy saplings after a hack and slash clear cutting operation.) I concluded my impromptu lecture on the life of Seanan McGuire with: “And now she’s writing for X-Men. She puts out more books a year than should be humanly possible, I think she has even more than Stephen King, I don’t know how she does it. I hope she doesn’t burn herself out.” And lo and behold, I come home to the newest episode of Productivity Alchemist explaining how she does it.

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