Episode 48 – Processing Email, Will Frank

This week we will be talking about email. Recently I’ve been working with two products to help me with my email sorting and processing. Then we’ll check in with the recovering Wombat Test Subject, who is between projects right now. After that we’ll talk with friend of the show Will Frank about how he stays productive.

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  1. Cori Large

    Hi again, Kevin and Ursula,
    Enjoyed this week’s episode as always. I’m excited to hear about the possibility of Badge Stickers. It would be really cool once they become available for sale. I decorate my journals with stickers and washi tape and would love to add these since I’ve listened to every episode.
    I remember on past episodes, when the coffee shop was being remodeled, Ursula couldn’t write properly because she didn’t have her background noise. Has y’all checked out ambientmixer.com? It was recommended to by a writer I follow on YouTube, and I’ve started using it as well. There is a Coffee Shop category, if you search for it.
    Take care, Cori Large

  2. Meera

    Still loving the show for great interviews and fun discussions; but sidetracked by the Ditch Heirarchy. Where would Costco fall? Half step up from Walmart? Is there anything lower than Walmart, idk like a ditch outside Wall Street? I must know more!

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