Episode 46 – May Letters

Hi everyone! It is the second week of the month, and that means it is time to read your letters and answer your questions! We had a great selection this month. We also have a giveaway! You can win a copy of Teresa Colon’s new book “Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes” by following the instructions in the episode. I’d like to thank Teresa for the copy, and hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

*** The winner of the drawing  was announced in Episode 48 ***

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10 Replies to “Episode 46 – May Letters”

  1. Vik-Thor Rose

    I like the WOOO! at the end. (and I miss it on the outro for the Hidden Almanac…)
    I would like to be in the drawing for the devotional, please.
    (I think I will be writing a longer email sometime tomorrow… I am about to fall asleep at the keyboard.)

  2. Chris

    I would like to be included I the drawing please. Also, thanks again, so much, for your dedication to educating and entertaining us with your podcasts.

  3. Feather

    Hah! I am in fact caught up now and also yes, prone to Long. >.> I’m glad it made for happy glow! (I’ve also mainlined the Hidden Alchemy and may now be a failure at Lurking given hopefully at some point a letter + stuff has arrived on that scale.)

    A friend set me a challenge so I’m also noting that if you need interviewees, I’m a recently-graduated MLIS (children/family services), also getting back into teaching music and a couple other projects, as well as managing mine and my sib’s ASD/Depression/ADHD-ful household, with Thoughts about how these things interact and intersect, so if useful I’d be up for interview.

  4. Silver Cat

    I’m catching up on the episodes. Re the planner pages – admittedly I’ve only sold six copies of my planners, but if it’s any reassurance, nobody has asked me to be tech support. And I only offer them in one size (but it’s a full yearly planner, so…)

  5. Shaina

    New listener here, working my way through old episodes and loving the show! I was listening to this episode as background noise while doing low-brain tasks at work, and I really enjoyed the story about the broody goth hen. Just as spending time with the chickens is self care for you, Kevin, hearing fun stories about the chickens turns out to be good self care for me! Not that you need any more podcasts to make, but if you wanted to do an occasional mini-sode of True Chicken Adventures, I would totally subscribe. Until then, I’ll just keep listening for more fun chicken anecdotes (hen-ecdotes?) sprinkled among the excellent productivity advice. Thanks for an awesome show!

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