Episode 44 – Recharge, Alicia Day

Setbacks are a thing that happens, and this week we’ll talk to our Wombat Test Subject (Author Ursula Vernon) about her latest in the garden. We’ll also talk about recharging and taking breaks, and wrap it all up with a discussion of how Park Ranger Alicia Day stays organized.

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  1. Kir Talmage

    I loved listening to this ep, in part because I have friends in the NPS (past & present). I listen on my iPhone, and forget to write down the badge codes, so I’m back MUCH MUCH later (I just finished ep 76…I’m part of that slow trickling count of listeners/readers) to relisten to the last bits and catch the blogcode. I love love love that you get to hear the whip-poor-will! I used to hear them at my Dad’s in the summer.

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