Episode 43 – Kanban, Alan Wexelblat

After a great time at OpenSource 101 in Columbia SC, the Wombat Test Subject (author and illustrator Ursula Vernon) and I will talk about using Kanban boards. We also start to discuss burnout (which will be an ongoing discussion), and Kevin takes some time to talk to Alan Wexelblat about how he stays productive.

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  1. Shaina

    New listener working through the back catalog, popping back to this episode to thank you for explaining Kanban in a way I can actually understand! It’s not a system that works well for me/I need to use normally in my personal or work life, but I am currently planning a wedding and had been getting thoroughly overwhelmed with the seventy bazillion to-dos on my checklist, spanning things that need to happen right-now-or-preferably-yesterday through things that cannot possibly happen until our wedding date in eight months. After listening to this episode, I joked to my fiance that we needed a Trello board to Kanban this nonsense, and his programmer self was like, “oh, yeah, that would work!” Turns out he knows a lot about how to use this style of organizing, and really likes it. Now I feel MUCH better having a manageable number of tasks in my to-do column, and he can actually see where we’re at in the planning and what I need him to take care of. Better relationship harmony through organizational strategies, yay!

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