Episode 40 – Collaboration, Michelle Wexelblat

Hi everyone, this week we’re talking about collaboration, and playing well with others. We’ll also look at the letter sized TUL inserts vs the half/classic sized inserts. We’ll wrap up with an interview with our friend Michelle Wexelblat.

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11 Replies to “Episode 40 – Collaboration, Michelle Wexelblat”

  1. Damien Ryan

    Loved this episode. In the Agile community here, we’ve been having many conversations about the importance of being kind (rather than nice).

    Kind is full of compassion and empathy, but it doesn’t shy away from giving robust feedback. Being nice is actually being mean – avoiding having difficult conversations that can make us all better.

    Thanks Michelle!

  2. Jennifer

    Hi Kevin (& Ursula, and Michelle)–
    I always enjoy Productive Alchemy but really got a great deal out of your conversation with Michelle. I am a coach–a life coach who works with academics and leaders in academia–and appreciated the wide-ranging conversation you to had about boundaries and about managing change and about her therapy practice.

    I’ve been meaning to be super presumptuous and offer myself as an interview subject. Not only could we totally geek out about planners and paper and pens, but I do a lot of productivity stuff with my clients and am trying to keep a small business up and running (energizedacademic.com)

    If your dance card is full, that’s fine and I’m happy to hear it. If you are looking for people to talk to, I’m not the huge draw that Chuck Wendig is, but I’d love the chance to talk about productivity and organization and self care and building a career by planning for it and so on.

  3. Matt R

    Hi Michelle,
    If you see this, could you share which mindfulness app you use on your phone? I’d never thought of using something like that until you talked about it on this podcast, and it sounds like it could be really helpful for me for dealing with tension.

  4. Michelle Wexelblat

    Matt, I use Mindbell on my android for the reminder to breathe. I also have been using “aware” as an app to go back to my meditation practice. It has a number of mindfulness pieces to it. I think it’s great!

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