Episode 38 – Overwork, Sarah Wendell

This week, the Wombat Test Subject is away so the Kevin will…well, work. We’ll talk about one of the challenges of not having someone around to remind you to do the simple things like eat and sleep.  And then we’ll have a fantastic talk with Sarah Wendell of “Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.” Apologies for the audio problems in the interview – but at least Sarah came out sounding amazing.

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4 Replies to “Episode 38 – Overwork, Sarah Wendell”

  1. Nathaniel Vanderklok

    I love the old sensory memory note. There is a modern corollary to the moment of resistance before the VCR pulls in the cassette. If you have a slot load CD/DVD player, there is a moment between you pushing and the machine pulling the disc in. It isn’t the same, but the old experience hasn’t yet been completely lost to time.

  2. Raygan

    I think out of all of the episodes I have listened to, this one has given me the biggest AHA! Setting up a repeating task in my google calendar to predict my cycle.

    I tried tracking it before but I was entering in the date of when it actually started and then eventually stopped doing it.

    Sarah’s method was a HUGE eye opener for me, and it’s going to help a lot as I get older and things start to change.

    She’s got a lot of other great advice for using Google Calendar and I’m probably going to implement a lot of it.

    The Zapier thing to notify someone when stuff is added to a spreadsheet is something I’m going to look in to for work too.

    Thank you SO MUCH for interviewing her. Her advice and tips are going to help me out tremendously.

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