Episode 34 – Cleaning up, Kevin Hearne

This week we’ll talk about cleaning up after someone else, that is the situation where you have taken over for someone else and for every thing you get done, you uncover two things that need to be fixed. We’ll also check in with our Wombat Test Subject (author Ursula Vernon), and see if she is back on track. And then we talk with author Kevin Hearne, and find out how he keeps himself organized.

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2 Replies to “Episode 34 – Cleaning up, Kevin Hearne”

  1. Susan Anderson

    Kevin and Ursula,
    Thought I’d pop in and update you on my Emergent Planner use. Totally loving it. It is the perfect fit for all my work related projects. I keep one on my desk the other day and co-worker asked about it. After seeing it she exclaimed I need that. So I gave her a copy. My boss looked at hers and said I need that too, so she got a copy also. Slowly the Emergent Planner will be taking over my organization!! I’m happy dancing about this. Without this podcast I’d have never heard of the Emergent Planner.

    You two also reminded me about OneNote. I’d written it off years but decided to look at it again. Glad I did. It is my go to for all things home, creative and gardening related. All the memory keeping stories I want to tell some day now have homes – memory keeping sounds more artsy than scrapbooking! I am a lover and planner for Christmas so all my notes, dreams and schemes are in there from one year to the next. House projects for each season and gardening ideas too are all tucked away. And because I am older than you young folks I have that what to do end of life notebook tucked in there too. LOL.

    Thanks again. Keep up the amazing work you both do keeping us going, being productive and reminding us it’s all okay. Oh and that chickens are way cooler than I thought and that a fondness for pens and planners is genetic I believe!

  2. Star Picucci

    You touched on one of my favorite topics this time – Whisky
    Bowmore makes a sherry cask 15 year ‘Darkest’ that Kevin might enjoy.
    Also BenRiach is now available in the US (and coming soon to VA ABC stores) which is the one we always brought back when visiting London.
    Will have to find some Taiwan whisky when there in the fall.
    (PS Enjoying Iron Druid after starting it in our book club a few months ago)

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