Episode 33 – Refills, Endings, and Letters

Kevin was in an office supply store alone and without a minder, and that means new things to review! In particular, the new line of TUL refills from Office Depot, and so we’ll take a look at all four packs, as well as the stickers that go with them. And then we talk about the recent events in and around the Wombat Test Subject’s “On Hold” status, meeting deadlines, and end-of-life care for relatives. Finally, we read some of your letters, and have the contest results!

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  1. Star Picucci

    Having gone thru end of life with my grandma last year I also complained that there was no how to book, thus i’ve started putting together ideas to write one. My productivity take away was the David Allen GtD ‘trusted system’ was a blessing, there was so much that got put on hold during those 4 years and I would just put on my someday maybe list on Remember the Milk and now I’m going thru and deciding what needs to be done and working my way thru them, but knowing that I could just put on list and get it out of my brain was great. I love that you gave them trip instead of flying out – taking Grandma to see the ocean was part of her bucket list. My #1 advice is SELF-CARE is the most important part of being a caregiver – when my dear ones are in serious medical situations I tend to send their primary care givers massages, when you are healthy and centered you can take care of others better.

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