Episode 29 – Starting Again, Letters

This week we talk about how Kevin stayed productive this past weekend at MAGFest, where he was part of the event Security crew. We will also talk to our Wombat Test Subject about where she is at in her productivity journey, and then we’ll read some of your letters, with color commentary from special guest LizardBeth!

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2 Replies to “Episode 29 – Starting Again, Letters”

  1. Star Picucci

    LOL, VIP/Toddler, having done guest liaison at conventions that is so accurate. And amused that my fried Will got a call out.

  2. Silver Cat

    Re: the changing schedule. I tried an app called TimeTune which would let you set a schedule (basically timeboxing). It didn’t work for me since I don’t get up on a consistent schedule, but maybe it’d help (I was going to transfer it to paper and hang it in my office so I can do the stuff whatever time I get up, but then I got a job)

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