Episode 28 – Packing, K. C. Alexander

I am packing up to go to MAGFest, and so we talk a little about prep for the trip. We also touch on mind-maps, editing books. Then we launch into an interview with one of my favorite authors and a really cool person, K. C. Alexander. We had a lot of fun talking, and I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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  1. Cori Large

    Hi Kevin and Ursula!
    Love the podcast. I recently started listening, and have been “binge listening” to catch up. I love hearing how the experimentation with different planning and organization methods is going with Ursula. During the initial episodes, and since, I have laughed so hard, I was crying. The Wombat Test subject planner experiment is reminiscent of what I would have gone through with my husband if he was attempting to find a planning and organization system. I still believe Ursula could benefit from a Bullet Journal type system, but not the planner part, the categorized lists part.
    Personally, I have a Franken Planner where I’ve cherry-picked parts of different planners that work for me. (Willing to be interviewed about it, if your interview list runs out.) One last thing: the Tom Clancy quote of “If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen,” that’s from Debt of Honor and Kathy Ryan said it.
    Thanks for the laughs, Cori.

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