Episode 27 – New Year Goals, Bertha Tang

It is that time of year again – all the blog posts, radio stories, and articles about “Meeting your Goals in 2018!” and “Be Your Best You in 2018!” – and we have opinions. Many, many opinions. We also talk about strategies for doing a yearly review, celebrating your successes as they happen, and not feeling like a failure in February. After all that, we interview friend of the show Bertha Tang, and talk about how she stays organized.

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  1. Patricia Pinto

    I think something that’s missing about goal-setting isn’t just that it can and should change to fit a person’s current lifestyle and needs – it’s that forgiveness should be built into the system as well, if they really intend to succeed. We don’t give ourselves permission or even acceptance to fail as often as we should.

    Suggestion for a future topic: Forgiveness as an essential part of productivity? I know you mention allowing to fail and your interviewees are great at pointing out that learning how to accept failure is great but I kind of feel people often underestimate or underappreciate or brush off the emotional effects of failing, especially for those who are used to being told to succeed all the time *or else*.

    Thanks again for a great episode, and yes, Ursula’s “YOU SURVIVED 2017” is my rallying call for January. xD

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