Episode 25 – Certified, Letters

Once more into the mailbox! This week we will announce the winner of the planner giveaway from Episode 23! After that, we discuss the next app for our Wombat Test Subject to try, followed by your questions and comments!

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4 Replies to “Episode 25 – Certified, Letters”

  1. bookfanatic

    Hi Kevin!

    I enjoyed the show, as always! I’m glad Patreon backed down. I did the math, and I was going to be paying an extra $4 in fees. I could have handled it, and I probably would have been willing to cover the transaction fees if asked, but that wasn’t what any of us signed up for on Patreon.

    On planners, I have discovered that what works best for me is a plain Mead steno pad, the one with 60 pages and a list of commonly misspelled words on the cover. It’s the perfect size, the paper quality is decent, and I like having the binding at the top. If you happen across a disc-bound steno pad, will you please mention it on the podcast?


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