Episode 24 – Scrum, Jacob Dawson

Hey! I’m just back from Scrum Manager class, and we’ll talk about that a little this week. We also check in with our Wombat Test Subject and how she is doing with Remember the Milk, and her rant on certain other software tools. Finally, we get a chance to talk to our friend Jacob Dawson about how he stays productive.

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  1. Alyssa

    Oh man, this is totally unrelated but thank you for your link pages Kevin. There was this book series I’d been meaning to read for ages but I didn’t write down the name and I kept googling trying to find it .(“It was the something files, the lunch files, the lost files, the library files?”) Then I clicked on the first link when I got to this page and remembered that it was The Laundry Files by Charlie Stross, that was it.

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