Episode 23 – Lists, Planners, Terri Ash

This week we tackle planning for the holidays, and then we review a pile of planners we’ve picked up as we look towards the new year. We will even give one away, and you can find out how you can be entered into a drawing for a Simple Elephant Planner! We also talk to Terri Ash, who we met at Arisia earlier this year, and find out how she keeps herself organized.

Photos of the planners are linked below.

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22 Responses to Episode 23 – Lists, Planners, Terri Ash

  1. Avatar Shel Kennon
    Shel Kennon says:

    I would LOVE a free planner! Thanks so much for the podcast. It has helped me get more organized in my personal life and I love habitica.

  2. Just wanted to say that I love Our Groceries! It has streamlined our menu planning and is so great for sharing lists with my husband. We keep a running list for weekly groceries, but also track Costco needs and household supplies.

  3. Avatar Vik-Thor Rose
    Vik-Thor Rose says:

    I would like to enter for the Simple Elephant planner. (Have you ever said who does the music between segments?)
    For 2017, I bought a Hobonichi Cousin, has not gotten as much use as I would like. (I’ve got it in a Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter https://roterfaden.de/en_US/shop/category/taschenbegleiter-4 ) I’ve switched over to a sortof Bullet Journal.

    One thing, I have trouble with long term goals / planning in general. I always have (at least I think so… I don’t have a very good memory in general. Sometimes, I am amazed that I have lived this long without some type of general planner system…)

  4. Avatar David Greenebaum
    David Greenebaum says:

    Wow, those linked planner websites seem to promise the moon while going out of their way to keep you from getting a glimpse of the actual planners themselves. (I found more detailed pictures of some of them on Amazon.)

    I seem to be one of those people who spends a week filling in stuff in a new planner, then spends a month carrying it around without opening it, and eventually abandons it. Still, I’ll enter the drawing…maybe I can work on training myself to actually consult the thing.

  5. Avatar Star Picucci
    Star Picucci says:

    I would enjoy the planner. Thanks for doing the photos of the different planners you talked about

  6. I would be most grateful for a planner!

  7. I am a simple bear, who would love as Simple Elephant to plan for me…

  8. I would love a planner! Thanks for this productivity podcast that actually doesn’t feel like a cult (no matter how much Ursula tries to make it one by hinting 😛 )

  9. wow. more planners to think about. thanks for showcasing more.

  10. I would love to win the planner! Fun podcast – I’ll be back 🙂

  11. I’m curious if the disk bound planner uses the same disc spacing as Levenger.

    • It does, but it is a 10-disc notebook, 2 bigger than the “Junior” size (8 disc), and 1 smaller than the “Letter” size (11 disc)

  12. Oh ya, and I want a free planner!

  13. I can has planner?

  14. Avatar Jenett Silver
    Jenett Silver says:

    I’d love the planner! The Simple Elephant looks like a good fit for longer-term planning I want to do in some ways.

    (My daily stuff lives in Todoist with an absurd number of projects.)

  15. Yup, I was that person with ADHD. My girl cousin is hyperactive. I’m totally inattentive. She got treatment easily.

    A lot of it is totally socialization.

  16. And I totally wish I could hire Terri.

  17. (I should really not submit comments until the END)

    Yay for Vaspider / NerdyKeppie! I’d love to meet them. I have several of bags and patches from them.

  18. I want a planner! and the self-discipline to actually use it! the second would be more useful, probably, but the first can be bought (or won in a giveaway!) so I’ll settle.

  19. Re-listened to the episode yesterday because I too, want a free planner, and then I realise… all the planners are fairly systematic, aren’t they? Particularly the Simple Elephant and Panda Planner. xD

  20. For the record, when you’re talking about stuff that hasn’t been studied in trans people, you’re better off saying “cis men/women” than referring to their presumed chromosomes. The former maps to available data and is a reasonable context in which to speculate further – it’s broad enough to stay true even once we find more data, whereas the latter is overly specific in a way that could be entirely wrong because we don’t actually know if something is affected by specific genes on the Y chromosome and/or if it’s affected by hormones and/or if it’s social, and those would have totally different effects on trans and/or intersex people.

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