Episode 20 – TaskWarrior, Letters

Hi folks! We’re gonna start off this week with an apology, and then get to a quick review of TaskWarrior. And then our Wombat Test Subject and I will answer your letters!

(Also, I really need to get a mouse that doesn’t make such a loud click)

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2 Replies to “Episode 20 – TaskWarrior, Letters”

  1. Silver Cat

    (Yes, this is Lydean. I switched my display name for easy of pronunciation)

    For Alaya Wolf (sorry if I misspelled), I’m also trying to get my life in order, between (self diagnosed) ADHD, depression, anxiety, and periodic unemployment. I’m 35 and living with my parents and if I didn’t have their support I’d be in much worse shape and possibly homeless.

    I wrote, drew, made constructed languages (conlangs), and read tons (up to three novels a day) from elementary school through college (often in class to my teachers’ dismay). I use things like drawing prompts / challenges, Nanowrimo, and Lexember (a conlang challenge in December) to get me started although I don’t worry about hitting the goal or strictly hitting the time limit.

    I have Habitica tasks (mostly completely greyed out) and habits to help too. My habits are “read a book or something published” (this lets internet articles count), “write, sketch, or conlang”, “accomplish something” (because I have tons of projects planned”. The tasks I have or had are “blog something this week” (greyed out) and “read a book this week” (due on Sundays) (recently removed this one). I also check into the Tavern for a week or so any time I’m just not doing well.

    For drawing, I found it helpful to do it while watching something. I often feel bad if I’m “just” watching tv, so drawing or typing up stuff I’ve written fixes that. I’ve also found that noise generators will help calm down my brain (this helps at work too). There’s a bunch of websites available and I use RainyMood if I’m on the computer or on my phone Tide (which is also a pomodoro timer).

    It’s hard to do creative things while working. Work kills brain power.

    Thanks, Kevin. That’s great advice for Habitica. Unfortunately my stuff is already all small stuff except for one to-do. A lot of it is just a lack of energy after work, but I’ve gotten into the habit of getting stuff done on weekends so hopefully that’ll carry over. And I’m not THAT much younger than you – I’ll be 36 this year (I apparently have one of those faces and I act young). Once I finish this job (end of this month!) I’m gonna do the things. I’ve been wanting to learn how to pour silicone and make and sell squishy stress toys (I will send you some, Ursula!) It’s second on the list, after I post shit to eBay that I’ve had boxed up for several years.

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