Episode 18 – Habitica, Vicky Hsu

The last week has been absolutely fantastic, and this week’s interview is just the icing on the cake! Guest (and Habitica co-founder) Vicky Hsu and I were at All Things Open talking about being productive with Habitica. And that is what we are going to talk about on the show this week : why we like Habitica, some of the features we use, and why it works so well for us.

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2 Responses to Episode 18 – Habitica, Vicky Hsu

  1. You should definitely do a bit about mnemonic techniques! I still remember bits of trivia from linguistics classes 5 years ago because I made up good ones – e.g. I put all the alveolar consonants together into the words “donut sizzler” and that phrase still randomly pops up in my mind in totally unrelated moments.

  2. I ran a party in Habitica until I managed to convince somebody to take over. I tried to do challenges regularly. I did a lot of self-care challenges like ‘something good that happened today’ or ‘compliment somebody’.

    I tend to keep a lot of tasks and dailies grayed out, because I *want* to do them but can’t manage. I probably should remove some of them again, but I don’t have very many.