Episode 12 – Bullet Journal Part 2, Letters

This week, we take the plunge: the Wombat Test Subject (AKA Ursula Vernon) will try using a Bullet Journal. And as a lead up to this, we talk a little more in depth about how a Bullet Journal is structured, and what the appeal is for so many people. And then before we go, we’ll read and answer some listener letters. I hope you enjoy it!

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3 Replies to “Episode 12 – Bullet Journal Part 2, Letters”

  1. Silver Cat

    I am also in the line for if Ursula gets tired.

    The description of the bullet journal reminds me of a commonplace book / zibaldone (I’m at work so I don’t dare find the link, but Atlas Obscura had a fun article about them)

  2. Silver Cat

    Hi Ursula! Unfortunately, mom doesn’t listen to podcasts. I did mention my planner at Bubonicon, but I hadn’t brought it. I keep saying I should do a blog post with pictures, but I’m terrible at actually writing on my blog…

  3. Patricia

    Thanks to you guys, I actually modified the bullet journal system to track ideas instead of to-do lists; I find it very hard to justify keeping a bullet journal otherwise.

    Now if only I could remember to keep writing in it and/or writing the ideas on my computer…

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