Episode 10 – OneNote Fail, App Search, C.E. Murphy

My Wombat Test Subject and I are on our way to BuboniCon, but took the time out to talk about WorldCon, our lack of planning while on vacation, and her experiences with OneNote. Our WTS assigns herself homework this week, and we cap it all off by chatting with our friend C.E. Murphy.

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2 Replies to “Episode 10 – OneNote Fail, App Search, C.E. Murphy”

  1. anna bradley

    When sunrise sunseted I ended up moving to Calendars5 which consumes my google calendar onto my phone. It integrates with Todoist for checklists and sub checklists :). I maintain that your wombat test subject needs a bullet journal 🙂

    Anna (from arisia)

  2. xamonster

    Loving the podcast.

    I kind of go with a bastardized bullet journal as far as productivity and planning, with a melange of habit tracking thrown in. I am still leaning how to set personal goals – I’m in a field that doesn’t have a ton of growth, so work goals haven’t necessarily been a priority. But thinking about all this is helping to loosen my stuck-in-a-rut feeling, which is awesome. And being slightly more organized doesn’t hurt.

    (Also, since I started listening to Prodictivity Alchemy, I’ve been a bit inundated with ads for all sorts of different planners. It’s a terrifying rabbit hole, as I didn’t realize there were quite so many methods. I love it.)

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