Episode 9 – Mission Fail, OneNote, Margaret Trauth

This week we will review our experiences with writing a Mission Statement. The Wombat Test Subject will get introduced to OneNote, and the possibilities there. Our Interview this week is with Margaret Trauth, comic artist and creator.

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2 Replies to “Episode 9 – Mission Fail, OneNote, Margaret Trauth”

  1. Jennifer

    I’m about 1/2-way through Ep9 and was reminded that I wanted to share something with you (or, really, Ursula) re: mission stuff.

    I think looking at the business framework of Mission, Vision, Values might not have been as useful for a creative professional as looking at “values” and “purpose” in an individual, fullfillment-centered context. (Full disclosure: I am a former professor, who taught German and children’s literature, and am now an academic life and career coach. So talking about fulfillment is, like, my job.)

    I’d suggest thinking about it this way.

    Values: what are the qualities, feelings, environments, people I need to have in my life to make my heart sing.
    For Ursula, this would obviously involve heirloom beans, autonomy to create, and the hounds, oh–and Kevin, along with a bunch of other stuff that the internet world probably has no business knowing about.

    Purpose: What is your unique gift to the world? What impact are you here to make?
    Again, presuming a bit here, I know, to take Ursula’s position, I’d suggest that this might have something to do with WORDS and PICTURES and creating new things that speak to the people they’re meant to speak to.

    Goals: the daily, quotidian shit (or yearly, annual shit) we work towards so that we get to live and honour our values and purpose.

    Or, she could just say “I write words, draw pictures, hang in the garden and avoid people.” That works, too.

  2. Alyssa

    I have a problem with forgetting to eat, partly because of enigmatic health issues that mean eating tends to be followed by pain and sickness and partly because I don’t keep schedules. One thing I’ve done in the past is to pre-prepare little meals to keep in the fridge so that when I’m feeling hungry I can just grab something and heat it up. Otherwise I wait until I’m starving and then lunch tends to be a block of hard cheese with salsa and Earl Grey tea at 4 in the afternoon. Get some portion sized containers and put together little homemade frozen dinners but less blah. It’s amazing how much better it feels to have honest to goodness food in the middle of the day.

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