Episode 8 – Mission Statement, Letters

This week we will review our experiences with the Emergent Task Planner, and move on to the fine art (or confusion) of writing a Mission Statement. The Wombat Test Subject has a lot of questions, and I do my best to answer them. We will also read some of your letters and comments, and try to answer your questions.

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3 Replies to “Episode 8 – Mission Statement, Letters”

  1. unicornduke

    Audio was excellent this week! I liked the chatting about paper journals/notebooks because I’ve found that I literally can’t use a paper planner for anything longer than 1-2 days. I either lose it, leave it behind, or grab it for notes as the only piece of paper to write on and end up scribbling things everywhere. I’m now working in OneNote because you mentioned it a couple of weeks ago and it’s perfect so far. It lets me have weekly notes, grocery lists and I’m shifting my seed collection notes into it because I like to put pictures and make notes (Previous was an excel spreadsheet).

    The biggest reason I use OneNote is because it’s on my phone like my calendar is. My phone is always with me, unlike a notebook so I’ve always got something to keep my thoughts in.

    Love the podcast, keep it up!

  2. Neurodivergent Crafter

    Best description of Mission versus Vision statement I got from my years in Retail Upper Management:

    Vision = where you wanna be x years
    Mission = how you want to get there.

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