Episode 6 – SMART Goals, Carlota

This week, we’re going to talk to our Wombat Test Subject about the goals she put together over the last week, and discuss creating good goals. She also has a rant, unrelated to her goals! Our interview this week is with our friend Carlota, who organizes several teams inside her organization, and we end with a letter from a listener asking about handling “list anxiety.”

(If the audio on this one is a bit soft, it is due to our new recording equipment, which I am still getting the hang of.)

Show Notes:

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6 Replies to “Episode 6 – SMART Goals, Carlota”

  1. Alyssa

    My family used to raise sheep and I feel like I should warn you that if what you’re going for is natural woodland that will also provide habitat to local species then sheep will be terrible. They’re very good organic lawn mowers but for anything other than flat pasture they’re pretty destructive. Also, they cause erosion. I don’t know what the watershed looks like where you are but just be careful. We raise cows now, which provide better fertilizer and are somewhat less aggressive on the local fauna, but all grazing requires a lot of land and can be pretty draining if you’re not rotating. We have three different areas of pasture on about 40 acres that we rotate through the year and it is still a constant struggle. This is just a PSA, feel free to ignore it.

  2. Star Picucci

    Have been enjoying the podcast – tough since the new microphone the sound levels are not as even.
    Wanted to thank you – recently have lost my office and thus my white board and personal kanban so instead of panicking I’ve taken this as an opportunity to try bullet journaling. Hearing it didn’t have to be pretty I just took the next page in my notebook that I have for all things work and took a two page spread and put everything from the whiteboard and kanban there with the squares if todo and put one of the book marks there – figure when most done will pick another two page spread and move forward the ones not done. having permission to be messy with my implementation was quite freeing as I tend to equate organized with neat. – Star

    • ksonney

      The code is “NEWTHING1” – I will be adding three more levels to the “Tried New Thing” badges over the next few weeks.

  3. VR Trakowski

    Just wanted to say that I’m thoroughly enjoying PA. I have a thing for planners etc. that I try not to indulge, but listening has inspired me to try a different system for work since the previous one was frustrating me. So far so good, though there’s always the moment of satisfaction in lining up all the to-dos that is followed by the deflating “oh phooey, I now I have to actually DO all this stuff”. 😛

    It’s fascinating how different you both sound on this one! As ever, love the show(s)!

  4. Silver Cat

    Ursula’s rant about the bs gardening planner is spot on!

    Also, if she needs help with making her planner, I’m a graphic designer (Photoshop is not for text stuff!)

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