Episode 1 – Introductions

Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a new podcast on personal productivity for normal people. We’ll start off this week with an introduction of our host Kevin Sonney  and his Wombat Test Subject, Author and Illustrator Ursula Vernon. Ursula will also interview Kevin this week, in an attempt to find out what this is all about.

Enjoy, and next week we’ll have real show notes!
Addendum: The Badge code for this show is “PAE1BDG”

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9 Replies to “Episode 1 – Introductions”

  1. Heveltica? What is this? had no idea someone else in the family was office supply, planner geek. I could happily spend hours in an office supply store and like Kevin I have a stack of notebooks some written in some not. Enjoy the first podcast can’t wait to listen to the rest.

  2. Hey! Just wanted to say not seeking an official diagnosis is ok. I’m 99% sure I could get one for my depression but I haven’t partly because of the “what if I’m not and just faking” fear but also because I don’t see it helping me where I am right now.

    Sorry for preaching to the choir & thanks for all your great shows.

  3. It’s a good thing I have misplaced my coffee this morning, because the conversation about DDDDDDDDDD has me laughing so hard that I would be snarfing it if I could find it. Now I have Frank Sinatra and other kind of “dee dee doo doo deedle” remnants of songs in my head. But no coffee. Must find coffee.

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