Episode 23 – Lists, Planners, Terri Ash

This week we tackle planning for the holidays, and then we review a pile of planners we’ve picked up as we look towards the new year. We will even give one away, and you can find out how you can be entered into a drawing for a Simple Elephant Planner! We also talk to Terri Ash, who we met at Arisia earlier this year, and find out how she keeps herself organized.

Photos of the planners are linked below.

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16 Replies to “Episode 23 – Lists, Planners, Terri Ash”

  1. I would LOVE a free planner! Thanks so much for the podcast. It has helped me get more organized in my personal life and I love habitica.

  2. Just wanted to say that I love Our Groceries! It has streamlined our menu planning and is so great for sharing lists with my husband. We keep a running list for weekly groceries, but also track Costco needs and household supplies.

  3. I would like to enter for the Simple Elephant planner. (Have you ever said who does the music between segments?)
    For 2017, I bought a Hobonichi Cousin, has not gotten as much use as I would like. (I’ve got it in a Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter https://roterfaden.de/en_US/shop/category/taschenbegleiter-4 ) I’ve switched over to a sortof Bullet Journal.

    One thing, I have trouble with long term goals / planning in general. I always have (at least I think so… I don’t have a very good memory in general. Sometimes, I am amazed that I have lived this long without some type of general planner system…)

  4. Wow, those linked planner websites seem to promise the moon while going out of their way to keep you from getting a glimpse of the actual planners themselves. (I found more detailed pictures of some of them on Amazon.)

    I seem to be one of those people who spends a week filling in stuff in a new planner, then spends a month carrying it around without opening it, and eventually abandons it. Still, I’ll enter the drawing…maybe I can work on training myself to actually consult the thing.

  5. I would love a planner! Thanks for this productivity podcast that actually doesn’t feel like a cult (no matter how much Ursula tries to make it one by hinting 😛 )

    1. It does, but it is a 10-disc notebook, 2 bigger than the “Junior” size (8 disc), and 1 smaller than the “Letter” size (11 disc)

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