Episode 3 – Planner Quest, Natalie Rachel

This week, our Wombat Test Subject and I went in search of the perfect planner. Not that I don’t have a pile of planners, but we needed one to suit her. In addition to that, I interview PhD Student Natalie Rachel about how she keeps organized.

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4 Replies to “Episode 3 – Planner Quest, Natalie Rachel”

  1. I like the balance of having Ursula on for all of us people who hate lists. Also, it’s nice to see someone else from team disintegrating-spiral-bound-softcover-memo-book-with-hand-drawn-calendar on the show. Represent!

  2. What about Traveler’s Notebooks for Ursula? Small size, no sappy happy sayings. Could have a calendar notebook, list making one, sketching ideas one, gardening, etc all wrapped together in a leather cover that ages beautifully. I love mine. Also thank you for taking the stigma away from all us disc bound planner addicts who customize with our own sheets- thought I was only one. And check out the Get to Work book. After watching it for more than a year, and reading reviews, I purchased one. Hoping to start with it in July. If there is a new planner, I’ll eventually fall in the rabbit hole.

    1. i was just thinking of suggesting a travelers notebook for Ursula yes. There are some small inserts.

      also with her now making her own pages… she basically IS bullet journaling…

  3. I really hate the “write down your favorite __________” because: 1) I don’t think like that and 2)It’s a great way for ID thieves to hijack passwords if you loose your paper.

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